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Centralized system

We have deliberately generalized this term, because here we include NAS (Network Attached Storage), identity servers, application servers, virtualization and more. Basically anything that manages and contains your business data.


Depending on the situation, a NAS may suffice, but we conceptualize by seeing bigger and further, thanks in particular to the flexibility of virtualization and open source solutions currently available.


An appropriate Hypervisor database can host virtual machines of all types, business applications with a huge catalog available to sometimes replace an old application, or even provide new functionalities at a lower cost.


We offer a step further in access to virtualization, thanks to a user-friendly and secure presentation of your systems via the internet browser of your choice.


An application server with containers can bring great wealth in terms of business solutions or simple tools within the company and with less effort or cost.


Whether you have client workstations on Apple or Windows, it doesn't matter, the access will be the same.

Gestion virtualisation
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