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We analyze your needs and advise you on technology (CMS) to use depending on the complexity and the desired budget.


Indeed, nowadays there is the possibility of creating a site in a thousand and one ways. You can code from A to Z with advantages and disadvantages or rely on various tools called CMS which will also require more or less follow-up.


A handmade site from scratch takes a long time to get off the ground and most of the time you will depend on the person who created it. It will probably have the advantage of not requiring frequent updates, which will also be its Achilles heel, since it is when you need to modify it yourself that it will be complicated.

A web page that one creates via a CMS like Wordpress may require less effort in theory and seem cheaper, but not always. Wordpress relies on many extensions written by various third-party authors who also have their frequent updates. In addition, although WP is free in itself, you have to pay for hosting and often themes and extensions for it to become exploitable and the bill can climb very quickly.

Every refresh can be a challenge and the site can get stuck if it relies on a template and lots of extensions. This type of site is however flexible and potentially scalable if it is well designed, but everything must be managed, from access security to updates. There is a codeless part and sometimes also CSS to adjust for a good rendering. It is important to note that you can choose the hosting of your choice and move your site as you wish. WordPress is a solid choice for sites needing to grow, but maintenance costs shouldn't be overlooked. Joomla also falls into this similar category.

Other CMS like Wix or SquareSpace are more efficient for a quick and professional result, but they have their constraints too.

Most of the tools and extensions are proprietary and part of the CMS, so they don't cause any issues with updates or the risk of bringing the site down. On the other hand, it is less easy to adapt them and your site never belongs to you, because it is not transportable. You depend on proprietary hosting. Often this type of site is suitable for most companies that do not necessarily need e-commerce and the constraints are not necessarily. However, e-commerce is also possible.


Finally, another category is that of purely e-commerce oriented CMS for e-shops such as Shopify or Prestashop which are really made to create online e-shops. They have very simple, repetitive, efficient interfaces and contain all the tools for purchasing online.


We choose together what best suits your needs, according to time, budget and expectations in terms of functionality and flexibility.

In any case, we estimate, create and then manage your site so that you have no worries. The optimization of performance related to geography is also our care.

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