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Professionnels sur clavier d'ordinateur

1. Local

ayutec Sàrl is an IT company founded by passionate professionals with long experience in services and pay particular attention to SMEs, craftsmen and the self-employed.

We are close to you, in your region for local service.

2. Experience

We combine the various skills of more than 25 years of experience in IT services, which positions us extremely well to help you in finding solutions to your IT problems.

3. Quality

We only propose services of quality. We advise you, you choose, but we will always be transparent about the advantages and disadvantages of one solution over another.

4. Availability

We are reactive, available and can assist you on site or remotely, in French, English, Spanish or Italian.

5. Multi-skills

Infrastructure: Networks, telephones, Windows and Mac, backups, servers, virtualization
Migrations: Messaging, servers, optimization =cost reduction
Assistance: Personalized support and training, support
Management: Governance, documentation, procedures, management contracts, audits
Monitoring: Monitoring, reporting and proactivity
Security: Workstations, servers, networks, access
Digital: Websites, digital transformation, monitoring, domain name, hosting

Delegation: Staff placement, try&hire or 24/7 monitoring in nearshoring.

Partnerships and solutions

We built several partnerships in order to provide better services to our clients, but in spite of it, we stay independent in matter of technological choices.

Logo besteam

In partnership, we offer Nearshoring for 24/7 monitoring or the skills you need.

Logo Microsoft CSP

We are Microsoft partners and officially CSP to help you manage your licenses.

Logo 3CX

As an IP telephony provider, we work together to simplify the implementation of VoIP for our customers in partnership with a Swiss company.


For the benefit of our clients, our partnership with SoftwareONE gives us great pricing on all of their Microsoft and other licenses.

Comme partenaire digital, nous collaborons avec des graphistes et créateurs de contenus visuels complexes.

3CX PBX (VoIP) solutions are among those we propose for simple and complex installations.

Logo The Easy Company

Comme partenaire digital, pour du consulting, de la création, du référencement ou du marketing et les réseaux sociaux.

A long-standing Swiss host, Infomaniak is a preferred choice for your domain names, site hosting or other shared services.

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