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We install new network infrastructure and related systems, but as the perfect world doesn't exist, we know that in most cases something already exists.

As a result, we always carry out a preliminary analysis of what you have and establish an assessment of the situation before any change.

Since we are not tied to any particular manufacturer, we will work on Windows platforms as well as OSX (Apple Mac) platforms and even Linux. 

Of course, we have "ideal" solutions that we recommend for reliability and maintenance issues, which considerably reduce possible breakdowns.

Our long experience has shown us that no one is good everywhere.


This is why for technologies, we also apply this rule and gladly work with:

  • Linux hypervisors, Docker-type containers and reverse proxies for application servers.

  • Synology or QNAP storages and even Open Source NAS.

  • Network devices like Ubiquiti/Unifi with AI and great management flexibility without skimping on security.

  • Apple, Windows, or Linux workstations.

  • We implement Microsoft 365 as a standard for good reasons, we recommend you to have your email in their cloud, plus the office suite  to make your life easier.

  • PBX Business phone systems like 3CX or others for your IP telephony.

  • We use hosting in Switzerland or elsewhere as well as standard and proven CMS to develop your site.

Infrastructure Ubiquiti Unifi
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