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IT Harmonsation?

Being more autonomous?

Interested by MS Copilot 365?

Our services

In addition to quality, with us you keep control of everything, your passwords as the whole scheme.

Nos services

Unifi network infrastructures and systems with governance and documentation. Migrations to Microsoft 365. Take advantage of the powerful tools offered by the Microsoft 365 Suite as well as email that is always accessible from anywhere. Copilot 365 AI and security.

On site or remotely, we manage your systems on a simple call and even without a contract with us. We also carry out repairs or provide equipment so that your work doesn't stop. As certified MCT trainers, we can provide adHoc classes when needed.

By relying on various CMS, we can offer a wide range of possibilities, flexibility and adaptability. We can manage your domain name, rent it for you, link a messaging service or migrate it. We also take over the management of your current site if you wish.

We check your systems with proper monitoring and triggers in order to limit the risk of interruption of your services. Possibilities such as a support contract or hours are possible. As CSP and with SoftwareOne, we can manage all your licenses for you too.

We advise you. We also carry out migrations (email, server, Windows, Mac, Linux, mobiles, etc.) and help you decentralize your services to the cloud in Switzerland or elsewhere. We help you centralize some services too.

...of your systems using backups on site or remote (or both) as well as study of a DRP if necessary or High availability. We audit your systems to optimize them.

Zero-Trust policy without necessarily using VPN.

Copilot 365 Security and data protection.

Fond digital informatique

What about us?

ayutec Sàrl is a local IT company founded in 2021 by passionate professionals with more than 25 years of experience in services.

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