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Evolution and optimization

We consider that our role is above all to advise you and it is in this mindset that we tell you about the possible choices and risks of obsolescence of your systems before it becomes an emergency. But the final choice is always yours, of course.

We therefore perform migrations of IMAP messaging to Microsoft 365, data migrations between servers or to the cloud, Windows or Mac migrations and Smartphone migrations too.

With this in mind, we also help you decentralize your services to the cloud in Switzerland or elsewhere.

We work with Swiss hosts like Infomaniak and international standards like Amazon or Microsoft.

In addition to migrations, sometimes your computer hardware is not so outdated as it seems, and a small modification is worth, if the time and cost make sense.

We are always open to this possibility of optimization, knowing that sometimes adding memory or changing the hard drive can be enough to help your systems last a few more years.

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