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In terms of the network, it is not always easy to explain it, because it is a part that is not very visible and that works silently.

Nowadays, everyone has a small simplified network at home with WiFi. This tends to suggest that this part is simple to manage and inexpensive.


However, the needs are very different when it comes to connecting ten or more users and ensuring security and protecting the systems therein. Note that being a company, attempts at external attacks will be more frequent and tempting for malicious people.


A simple, yet robust infrastructure is what we advocate. There are great connected, always-up-to-date, affordable and AI-assisted technologies at your fingertips.

It will be possible to separate the networks, to optimize them, to manage access in a personalized and dynamic way while maintaining permanent access and monitoring.


In addition to network devices, there are important tools that we will also master for you to get closer to hyperconvergence.

Console Ubiquiti

At ayutec, we are not tied to a particular manufacturer, but we put in place the best and recognized in the trade, then which requires the least possible maintenance, without subscriptions for protection like this is sometimes the case. The costs are known to you.

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