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Acess from anywhere

This "Anywhere" quote is often used all over the place, but with the right environment, it can be accurate.


Messaging is already the case, since few companies host their mail servers at home. With Microsoft 365, you configure your email on all the devices you want and quickly benefit from calendar sharing and security against Spam and phishing. We also bring some backup items on top.


Access to your servers and applications is often equated with VPN access. This secure access offers many advantages, but also some constraints, including having to use your computer exclusively.

Even though it's widely preferred and costs nothing extra, it's good to have other options too, knowing that you won't always have your business computer on hand.


A dedicated and secure portal that allows you to access everything you deem useful, via a browser of your choice, is now possible and very advantageous. Nothing locally on the workstation in question, no need for remote access tools, just a browser and an internet connection are enough.

Anywhere portail

At ayutec, we use this type of solutions to access all types of platforms

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