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A myth debunked, thanks to VoIP, you can hope to have a telephone exchange in your offices or remotely, at a lower cost, efficient and centralized.


Gone are the days when it was reserved for telephone operators. Today, this goes through the fixed network and the Internet. With current bandwidths, this type of telephony has become accessible while providing high sound quality. Fixed telephones have evolved and allow a wide range of functions.

The optimal telephony solution will even allow you to change Internet operators, without having to completely reconfigure your exchange.


We encourage you to free yourself from any operator or service provider who could in the future restrict the possibilities of evolution, because each change has a cost in time and material.


A solution adapted to your needs is always what we recommend.

Tableau de bord PBX
Téléphone VoIP

Le Mail aussi rentre dans cette catégorie de communication, mais à ce jour, il est souvent unifié avec la téléphonie ou Teams et passe par le cloud comme avec Microsoft 365.

Nous n’abordons pas forcément de détails pour cela, car l’hébergement d’une infrastructure de messagerie sur site ne se justifie plus de nos jours.

Il va de soi que nous nous appuyons sur le mail existant ou le migrons aussi.

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