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This aspect is often neglected and not sufficiently taken into consideration.

It turns out that the workstation is the hardware you will spend the most time on every day and your eyes will be indebted to you for taking care of it.


General ergonomics will play a big role in your state of satisfaction and general health at work. A screen that is too small, poorly adjusted, too old or of poor definition will create an inconvenience that can give headaches, create loss of attention or excessive fatigue.

At ayutec, we often approach this side at the beginning of a project, because the ROI is immediate, even before having an up-to-date infrastructure, a good working environment is a key element.


Good current workstations adapted to your needs will bring user satisfaction, the result of which will be rapid. Conversely, if the fundamental changes are made for the infrastructure, but the workstations do not allow you to benefit from them, the perception will be mixed.

However, in some cases, the learning phase should not be neglected if the change is also made at the operating system level, which is why we suggest the most used tools and also assist you after the implementation.

Whether it's a laptop, an all-in-one desktop or a traditional one, Windows, Apple or Linux, we advise you on the best choice for your needs.

HP all-in-one
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